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MOMH Weekly Update February 26- March 3, 2012

I am trying something new. Instead of several different postings throughout the week I am going to (attempt) to create a weekly digest of posts. From there, readers will be able to select a topic that interests them specifically and skip over the rest. I will also start to include updates on A Woman’s Design as I am beginning to take on more clients and make plans for the future in regards to my business. With everything going on (you’ll see below), this is the most efficient (and probably consistent) way to blog for me right now. Let me know what you think. Blessings, NOH

(Update) Sleep Issues And An Overlooked Cause Part 3

The last time I posted about Beaner and his sleep issues we had an appointment scheduled to see a pediatric ENT. Since then we have had two consultations. The first guy’s bedside manner was awful and he just said, “Yes, he has a lip-tie and enlarged adenoids, not sure about the tongue-tie but I guess I can check for it while he is under.” Didn’t think twice about surgery for our one year old and also clearly did not respect the opinion of the lactation consultants and the pediatrician. We immediately knew that if we decided to have the surgery that he would not be anywhere near our baby. Read More…

Not One, But Two Kids Needing Surgery!!!

Can’t sleep…thinking about how blessed I am. Poots had to have her adenoids and tonsils removed. After we were consulting with different pediatricians and specialists for Beaner we started to realize that she had the same symptoms (minus the nursing issues). She would sleep 10 hours at night and wake up exhausted. She would be moody and irrational throughout the day. She has had bags under her eyes for years and has began snoring like a drunk person passed out on the floor. Over the years we’ve adjusted her diet in case it was a food allergies or ADD/ADHD causing her behavior issues but nothing work for long. When we had her seen by the ENT we were told that her adenoids were bigger than he expected, her left tonsil was also unusually large and her uvula was split like a pair of jeans. The uvula issue was the beginning of a cleft palate that never fully developed. He believed that this combination may be stopping her from getting quality sleep therefore the cause of some of her behavior issues. After discussing it with Mr. Incredible we thought it was the best thing to do and had her surgery scheduled within two weeks. Read more…

A Woman’s Design- Plans For The Future

I stepped away from actively taking on new doula clients during my pregnancy with Beaner and during the first year to allow my body to recover and adjust to all the changes that were taking place. Read more…


Sleep Issues And An Overlooked Cause Pt 2

In my last posting I recapped my year of nursing and sleep issues with Beaner and was headed to the pediatricians for a solution. This would be my second time proposing that he has some sort of tongue tie and I was prepared with research and ready to advocate for my little guy even if it meant getting second and third opinions.

After presenting my case and ruling out any other physical issues she looked deeper and agreed that he indeed had a mild posterior tongue tie and a very tight lip tie.

Normally a tongue tie can be corrected with a simple in clinic procedure by an ENT but ideally it would have been done when a child is a small infant as the membrane that is cut is thinner and only a local anesthetic would be needed.

Beaner will be one years old in a few weeks and this will not be a in office snip but a minor surgery with him needing a general anesthetic.

We have to consider the pros and cons, how long our breastfeeding relationship will be and if we decide to not do anything will he end up having to have the procedure later on due to speech issues. We won’t know about the speech issues until later and now we are dealing with the eating/sleeping issues.

We have a consultation with a pediatric ENT in a few weeks, plenty of time to discuss what we would like to do. One thing we do know is that it doesn’t get better, it won’t go away.

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