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8 Weeks to Real Foods – Week 1

I have enrolled in the 8 Weeks to Real Foods with Vintage Remedies and a few weeks ago decided to  journal my progress on my blog Memoirs Of A Modern Housewife  every Monday.

My first Monday post was delayed as we found out that not one, but two of our kiddos need to have surgery in the next few weeks. So the last few weeks have been pretty crazy with 45-60 minute drives (one way) to see doctors and specialists.

Isn’t that just like life? Every time you plan to do something, especially something good, a monkey wrench gets thrown in the mix. Fortunately my journey to 8 Weeks to Real Foods didn’t stop completely.

The first week (or two, depending on how big of each change is for you) was:

  • What we’re eliminating: non-hydrating or nourishing drinks
  • What we’re adding: hydrating and nourishing drinks

My biggest challenge has been not adding honey to my tea. I take a ton of vitamins and supplements, most that are gross and I usually chug them down with a small glass of juice or cold herbal tea that I brew daily. It took a few days to get used to drinking the tea without honey. I must admit it’s not as enjoyable, but maybe it was the sugar from honey I craved.

I’ve learned that diet soda, which I don’t drink a ton of anyway, raises my blood sugar as does honey (it instantly hits the blood and keeps my levels high). Isn’t that crazy?  Also, after not drinking soda for a while, when I did have a sip at a party it was like drinking pure sugar water…it was too sweet. Small victory : )

I am drinking more water, which I should be doing anyway. My biggest challenge with drinking more water is being raised in the south. The water looked like rust sometimes, it was super soft but it turned me off.  I bought the hubs and I one of those Brita water bottles with the filter so that I can drink water where ever I am. I am refilling it a few times a day.

That’s about it. I apologize again for the delay and that it wasn’t on a Monday like I originally planned.

The second week is:

  • What we’re eliminating: refined sugars
  • What we’re adding: natural sugars

Oh boy!

It’s important to note that the 8W-RF series is ongoing so you can start and stop at any time (depending on how difficult a change is or if life makes it a little more challenging).

If you would like more info or to join me on this  journey you can sign up here.

 I would love to hear your stories, successes and struggles. Hopefully we can encourage each other to eat to live. Leave a comment or send me a note at


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