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Seed, Time and Harvest (Intro)


Seed, Time and Harvest (Intro)

Everything in life starts out as a seed and requires time before you can reap the harvest.

The type of harvest you receive depends on the seeds you planted, the conditions they were planted in, how you managed during the waiting period and how you handled and overcame adversaries.

In April I reminisced about my first attempt at gardening. My heart was longing for a new beginning, to put my hands to something and actually see my efforts flourish before my eyes.

If you have ever been in a season in life when you are reaping the harvest of bad choices, or were in a long process of trying to find out what the next step is, or what to do while you are waiting on God to direct your next step, you are in good company.

One of these seasons and many others I did not mention can be times of uncertainty, confusion and frustration. I believe however with a different perspective during these seasons, that times of joyful-expectation and hope can be found.

Maybe that is why I appreciate the art of gardening. It begins with seeds of expectation and hope of what can be.Image  However, the process can be very unpredictable as you can’t determine weather conditions, what seeds will develop, and what problems may attempt to destroy all of your efforts (pests, diseases, too little or too much rain, the absence of bees etc.).

These things we have no control over but I am learning that, such as life, that the only thing I can control is how I respond when things do not turn out as I planned, or during the time of waiting when there seems to be no signs of progress. Do I press on or do I quit and forego the fruit of my efforts?

Over the next few weeks I will post about my gardening efforts but also how the experience has helped me to look at life choices from a different perspective.


A Different Perspective On Failing failing means

you’ve stepped out of your box, learned something new about yourself and the world around you…

if it means staring fear right in the face and being less afraid the next time you attempt something new…

if it means you were stretched beyond recognition that you will never be the same again…

if it means learning what you aren’t good at but discovering what makes you shine…

if it means appreciating something that was once neglected…

if it means finding your wings as you are falling then…

it’s not so bad after all…it’s not an end result…only the beginning of something new…

a new you.

Copyright 2012 by Natalia Hals

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