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(in)spired Review

(in)spired Review

I know from where I have come from. It is a place that is a thorn in my side keeping pride at bay. It is a past that is only seen on the likes of Lifetime Movie Network, a past that makes me cringe at the very thought of my children inquiring about, a past that can leave me awake at night, a past that threatens my future daily.

But God…

Reminds me that I am forgiven, I am made whole. He sees my inner beauty, the beauty that He designed. Something so precious that no one can ever take it away.

Redeemed - In All Things-Medium Gift Bag with tissue

28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28 New International Version (NIV)

I am really thrilled to share the REDEEMED collection by DaySpring with my readers.

I received the items to review a few weekends ago and I wanted to take the time and exam each item…

First~ Anything that can remind me about what God says about me is a plus.

Second~ I am in my early thirties and I personally like the design, kind of warm and homey. My teenage daughter thought it felt “older”.

Redeemed - I Am Found - Pillar Mug

I love my morning coffee and my evening chamomile tea. And whenever I am starting something new I like to commemorate it with a tangible item to inspire me; a new journal, pen, mug, etc. How perfect are these to remind me that ‘I am Found, Redeemed, Transformed and Treasured”!

Redeemed - I Am Found - Teacup with Lid

Redeemed - I Am Found - Teacup with Lid

The teacup with the lid was my favorite. Such a simple detail made it feel even specialer…is that a word?

Redeemed - I Am Found - Teacup with Lid

I also received this gift bag with paper. Convenient and cute! I love when my to-do list gets streamlined.

Redeemed - In All Things-Medium Gift Bag with tissue

This mama has post-it notes everywhere and on everyone…

And this collection wouldn’t be complete without the inspirational memo pad. I’m still old-school. I love to write a handwritten note when appropriate and these little various sized sticky notes (that accompany a pad) will be an encouragement as I return mail and send a special note to someone who needs to be uplifted.

Redeemed - Love One Another - Memofolio

This collection features jewelry, home decor, bags, accessories and more. I encourage you to head on over to the REDEEMED collection by DaySpring! Seriously, head over there now through April 30th, select items from the Redeemed Collection are available at 20% off.

I would love to hear about how the Redeemed message has blessed you! Leave me a note about what God has turned beauty into ashes in your life.

*** Please note that DaySpring gave me the free products to review and that all opinions stated are my own.***

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