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A Woman’s Design Update

A Woman’s Design

I stepped away from actively taking on new doula clients during my pregnancy with Beaner and during the first year to allow my body to recover and adjust to all the changes that were taking place.  

Mr. Incredible and I were discussing plans for after Beaner (our last babe) start school full-time. I feel strongly in my heart that I need to be available to my kids even when they are in school. I am just as busy with my high-schooler as I am with my preschooler and expect the same when Beaner starts school. I would like to be able to contribute during that time financially with my new free time and still be accessible/flexible with the kid’s needs.

After praying and talking I decided that I would start to take on new clients (which I was planning on doing once I felt comfortable with leaving Beaner for an extended period of time), and also start my certification for being a Post-Partum Doula. This is also a passion of mine, helping new mothers during the first few weeks after having a baby and I plan on taking on more of these clients once Beaner starts school. I have also been working on a book- a survival guide during the post-partum period and will be teaching a class starting in April based on it.Image

*Stay tune for details of the books completion and how you can get a copy.

I still need to complete my Birth Doula Certification through DONA, which was also put on hold when I couldn’t take on any clients during my pregnancy. I would love to have this completed by July 1st, and just need to attend three more births between now and then. If you know anyone who is due in the next few months, please feel free to pass my info along and I would love to see if I may be able to meet her birthing needs.*** I will be offering a discount because of my time restraints.***

Beaner’s Birth Story

I recently posted the birth story of my last child via my doula and childbirth website but thought I would also share here. It was a very long pregnancy (aren’t they all) filled with many disappointments but taught me so much about myself and I received the greatest prize at the end. It’s lengthy but I hope you enjoy it.





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