Memoirs Of A Modern Housewife

My life is nothing like the Bravo Housewives!

Cold Coffee

I used to wake up before the sun rose, refreshed, ready to tackle the day ahead no matter how late I’d stayed up the night before. I really enjoyed this time alone to get ready for the day, read my bible or devotion, listen to music or just sit quietly.

Even when I had my first child this ritual would continue, I just needed to be a little quieter and include her needs in my preparation.

Then came number two. Then three.

Now, I rarely see my oldest (high-schooler) before she leaves for school and sometimes Mr. Incredible (I actually feel really guilty about this).

In an ideal world I would still get up before everyone, get dressed, make breakfast, plan the day and enjoy some prayer, reading and quiet time with a nice hot cup of coffee. Oh, and I would get to pee before it felt like my bladder was going to explode.

In reality, there is a large chance that I’d been awakened no less than ten times, either by a child or my own sleep issues (usually once they wake me up I have a hard time going back to sleep). And when I do wake up in the morning it is because one of the kids woke me up, no longer my biological clock, or the sunrise.

Those kids that woke me up, woke me up for a reason; hunger, a soaked diaper, or just boredom- which can cause more work in the long-run. So I jump up, hitting the ground running, getting them ready for the day, usually one or both little ones are complaining (translate to whining) because I’m not moving fast enough. I’m holding my twenty-five pound linebacker son while making breakfast, letting the dog out, throwing in laundry, and reminding Poots for the fifth time to wash her face, brush her teeth and make her bed..with a better attitude than she’s giving me. Meanwhile my coffee, that’s going to get me past 11am without curling into a ball, sits there getting colder and colder. My bladder, that needed to be released before my 2am wakeup call (but I chose to tend to the crying child before they woke everyone else in the house up) is literally….about…to..explode!

That can’t be healthy. Holding it in that long.

Here’s the crazy thing. As much as I miss those easy quiet mornings, as much as I miss order and the predictable schedule that I used to have…I honestly, whole-heartedly wouldn’t change the fact that it is these three blessings that shook my world up.

There are moments when I see my teen with the baby after rocking him to sleep that melts my heart. Or when Poots draws a picture or book of what I do for them…it’s pretty wonderful to know that even at a young age she can acknowledge (not sure if she appreciates it yet) the sacrifices I choose to make…plus the pictures are really cute.

So in the meantime, I will continue to implement some sort of routine in our lives, even if it seems like I am juggling knives right now.

I know that in a few years, everyone will be sleeping better which means I will be sleeping better and able to wake up more rested. This is just the season I am in and seasons change. Right?



One thought on “Cold Coffee

  1. B'Stac on said:

    Aww, sweet! And oh so worth every last minute…but stop holding it not good for you or your bladder 🙂
    ps- who’s up writing this at 1245am? Yes GG woke me up an hour ago, the A/C was too cold in her room and now I cannot sleep despite the fact that I will be up in a few hours for work! Doh!

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