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The Courage to Cross The River

Last Sunday morning my pastor asked this question of the congregation: “Have you ever stood on the edge of a scary river crossing? The miracles are often where the river is.”

We were continuing our study on the book of Joshua, considering the courage it took for them to cross the river and how it was necessary to take hold of a better future.

Here we go. Another one of those moments when you feel like the stage lights are directed right at you, everyone can hear your heart beating a thousand miles an hour, and your mail is about to be read publicly. I am always looking for a “word” from the Lord but when it comes like this I immediately start to shuffle in my seat looking for the nearest exit. Sometimes I want to fold within myself and other times just lie across the floor and weep.

God has a specific message just for me.

Part of me likes to stay safe, on the shore of life. I hate surprises because they cause more anxiety than joy. I don’t want anything unexpected to happen…because that would mean I have to release some amount of control over my life. That anxiety I mentioned…has been an unwelcomed guest in my life for a few decades now. I could justify my fears and anxiety by the horrible situations that took place as a child, or the unstable childhood and teenage years or the hands that I have been dealt as an adult.

But God won’t let me camp out there.

He has placed inside of me dreams that are so big that I can’t even imagine them coming to pass in my lifetime. There are so many hopes that contradict my present situations. He won’t let me be content with living beneath what He has for me. And all He asks is if I would dare to cross the river.

God is such a gentleman.

Although I have certainly been challenged with my walk with Christ He has never pushed or shoved me into something that I couldn’t handle. And those times that I have let my anxiety and fears speak louder than Him, He reminds me that there is a next time, and that I am not a failure. We wouldn’t force our natural children to do anything that would traumatize them and neither would He. Even if we knew that crossing the river would lead them to everything that they have been asking and praying for.

There’s always a choice in life; to stay safe and in your same circumstances, or to step out and allow God to escort you across the troubled waters of life into your promised land. I’m going over. What about you? Have you ever stood on the edge of a scary river crossing?



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One thought on “The Courage to Cross The River

  1. B'Stac on said:

    Great post Tal…Yes it is scary but God is oh so faithful and ALWAYS sees us safely to the other side…One example, North Mpls, hello!?
    Thanks for sharing and encouraging others, you are never a failure and always a success in my book.

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