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Not One, But Two Kids Needing Surgery!!!

After we were consulting with different pediatricians and specialists for Beaner we started to realize that Poots had the same symptoms (minus the nursing issues). She would sleep 10 hours at night and wake up exhausted. She would be moody and irrational throughout the day. She has had bags under her eyes for years and had began snoring like a drunk person passed out on the floor. Over the years we’ve adjusted her diet in case it was a food allergies or ADD/ADHD causing her behavior issues but nothing worked for too long.

When we had her seen by the ENT (Ear, Nose, & Throat) we were told that her adenoids were bigger than he expected, her left tonsil was also unusually large and her uvula was split like a pair of jeans. The uvula issue was the beginning of a cleft palate that never fully developed. He believed that this combination may be stopping her from getting quality sleep therefore the cause of some of her behavior issues. After discussing it with Mr. Incredible we thought it was the best thing to do and had her surgery scheduled within two weeks.

Poots’ attitude had been surprisingly positive. We were telling her just general terms about the surgery not a lot of details, as to not confuse or worry her. “The doctor is just going to clean your nose and throat out so that you can sleep better at night and feel better during the day. You will be asleep when this happens. We will be right there when you wake up. Oh and you get to have a ton of ice cream and popsicles.” She was pretty excited about being in a better mood during the day but even more so about the unlimited ice cream. The closer the surgery got, the more her anxiety increased but we were able to comfort her.

The day of the surgery I was on edge. Leading up to it, I kept double-guessing the decision. “Is this the best thing for her?” “What if she has issues with the general anesthesia?” It was starting to get overwhelming and I began to fight a lot with Mr. Incredible…about everything.

The whole family went to the surgery center. Riggity watched Beaner in the family room, while Mr. Incredible and I helped to get Poots prepped for surgery. We also consulted with the anesthesiologist, the surgeon and nurses. When it was time to go back, I went with Poots while she got her anesthesia. I had already watched Riggity when she was a baby go under with anesthesia and it was just as hard to see Poots. The anesthesiologist explained all that I would see and reassured me that it was normal. I held her hand as she squeezed mine and finally, she gently let it go. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked back to the family room with the nurse. I couldn’t go through the door because I began to sob uncontrollably. The sweet nurse insisted I sit as she went to get me some ice water. She let me cry and talk and wouldn’t let me leave until she thought I was okay. I won’t describe what it looks like to watch someone, especially your child, go under, but I will say it was hard to watch. I think part of the tears were what I’d just seen but also all of the worry and stress leading up to the surgery.

The surgery was fast and went perfectly. The surgeon said she had the biggest adenoids he’d seen on such a little girl and that having them removed was a good call because her breathing was being obstructed. He also said her tonsils showed signs of chronic tonsillitis. This was such a comfort to us, especially me who was questioning the necessity towards the end. As soon as she started stirring they called for us back in recovery. My sweet baby had been brave; up until that point. The nurse gave her to me as I rocked her in the rocking chair and she cried for about an hour. We were warned that she may be a bit emotional and she was. I was so glad to be there to snuggle with her.

Recovery has been rougher than expected, but she is showing us how strong she is. Yesterday we had to take her children’s hospital as she’d become dehydrated and her pain was out of control. She really went downhill fast after a cycle of vomiting more than drinking, and being unable to take or hold down her medicine. She wasn’t using the bathroom and she was incredibly lethargic.

At the hospital, they gave her a few hours of iv fluids, anti-nausea meds and a different pain med. They think her body was having a hard time metabolizing the Tylenol Codeine which was making her incredibly nauseous. After a tonsillectomy, you have to drink even through the pain because It’s an important part of the healing process, but if you’re nauseous you don’t want to drink. This started the downward spiral.

During her stay last night she quickly ate four popsicles….it was so nice to see her eat…something. We’re home now and the pain is being manage with three different meds now (including a anti-nausea med). She is definitely feeling better, than yesterday. As I write this she is drawing pictures of all the food she wants to eat when she can.

Big thanks to Grandma for all the meals, and for her Aunty for getting me out of the house and being available for any needs big or small. Big sister Riggity for being such a helper the last few days with both kids and Mr. Incredible for being such a sweet daddy and for not taking the days leading up to and the day of surgery personal. All of the prayers and gifts that have been sent, we really appreciate it. We are on the road to recovery now and I am looking forward to seeing her feeling 100% and the benefits of a good nights rest.


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