Memoirs Of A Modern Housewife

My life is nothing like the Bravo Housewives!

A Different Perspective On Failing failing means

you’ve stepped out of your box, learned something new about yourself and the world around you…

if it means staring fear right in the face and being less afraid the next time you attempt something new…

if it means you were stretched beyond recognition that you will never be the same again…

if it means learning what you aren’t good at but discovering what makes you shine…

if it means appreciating something that was once neglected…

if it means finding your wings as you are falling then…

it’s not so bad after all…it’s not an end result…only the beginning of something new…

a new you.

Copyright 2012 by Natalia Hals

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2 thoughts on “A Different Perspective On Failing

  1. Very inspirational & from the heart. I agree with what you’re saying 110%

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