Memoirs Of A Modern Housewife

My life is nothing like the Bravo Housewives!

My Four Reasons

I am a thirty-two year old mother to Riggity (age 14), Poots (age 4.5) and Beaner (7 months). I’ve been married to Mr. Incredible for almost six years and though we have had obstacle upon obstacle to overcome together I couldn’t imagine doing life with anyone else.

I call him Mr. Incredible not because he is perfect but because he knows he isn’t. He wakes up every day to strive to be better than the day before. He has a heart that doesn’t want to break Gods and the love he has for his wife and kids can be seen in his eyes. I dig him and even though he still leaves his socks on the floor, sometimes next to the laundry basket(!!!), I wouldn’t trade him or what we have for anything.

Riggity is my first child who taught me how to be a mom; she is a lot like me with her ambition, love for relationships and education. She has outgrown me in height which means she has been digging through my closets for a few years now. She was a very mild tempered baby, very compliant and as a teen is trying to discover her voice and identity. Though challenging at times it is exciting to see her continue to grow and develop into her own. We have the kind of relationship that we can discuss almost anything. I treasure this time knowing that there is a possibility that I may not always be her primary confidant.

Poots is short for the nickname Pooter. I started calling her Pooter as an infant because she was an unusually gassy baby and still proves to be so as a kid. I know I will have to drop the nickname as she gets older and realizes it’s origin but until then Poots it is. She showed herself to be what doctors and pediatricians call a “high needs” or “highly sensitive” baby very early. She was my first experience with a colicky baby, which really means in laymen’s term “what-the-heck-is-wrong-with-this-kid”. She was demanding and extremely emotional early on but as she has grown these same traits (though exhausting at times) is where some of her best qualities shine. She is extremely imaginative and creative. She has always had a tune that she’s hummed at a high pitch since she was a baby and we are often awakened to her sitting in her room playing and singing loudly. However, there are times I can be awakened to a demanding little girl whose emotions are so much bigger than her which can cause us all to want to run and hide because it can be a sign of the day ahead. I love her so much and every day is a day to learn about how God designed her and how to help her to become that person to the fullest.

Our new little guy is Beaner. I had a rough pregnancy, labor and delivery with this little guy. He was destined to be here as he followed two pregnancy losses. We’ve had a great connection since pregnancy as I was in constant communication with him; heart, spirit and verbally. I wanted him to know that in spite of how horrible I felt and how miserable I was that those feelings were not directed at him and that he was very much wanted. Beaner came 6 weeks early and in spite of him being a preemie he is determined to show that he is an overachiever. He was trying to bear weight and stand up within a few days of being born, he’s been sitting up, rolling over and crawling since five months. He is all boy but also has a gentle spirit that makes everyone who sees him soften and smile. He is definitely my little buddy and it will take everything within me to not spoil him.

They are all so very different and beautiful in their own way. Every day I realize how blessed I am to have them all in my life.


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